November 19, 2004
Professors meet to talk Symbian and Series 60
At a joint Nokia and Symbian Academic Workshop in October, Europe’s leading mobile software professors reported that mobile programming courses are attracting large numbers of enthusiastic students.

One highly successful course is being run by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Hungary. Attending the Academic Workshop was Professor Hassan Charaf who described the course: “We are now in the second year of the course which has about 130 students."

The workshop was held at the culmination of the initial phases of a Symbian campaign to develop the competence of academics in mobile software programming. This year some 130 professors from 50 universities worldwide have participated the campaign’s training program, of which the majority have already started courses in their universities.” said Nokia’s Harri Pennanen at the workshop.

Symbian Academy announced

Held on the eve of Symbian Expo 2004 in London in early October, the Academic Workshop was attended by “90% of Europe’s academic Symbian expertise,” in the words of Mr Edward Kay, Head of Developer Programs at Symbian, who outlined Symbian’s latest developments in cooperating with universities.

A highlight of the workshop was the announcement of the Symbian Academy, a web-based portal to support worldwide academia, providing papers, course material and more, as well as discussion forums for Symbian students and researchers.

“The news about the Symbian Academy was very important,” comments Dr Antti Juustila of the University of Oulu in Finland. “Until now we have had to develop our own course materials. Access to high quality standard material will be a big benefit to universities.

The next meeting of these European Symbian & Series 60 academic minds is scheduled for December 2004 in Budapest.
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