February 13, 2005
Series60.com in XHTML format for convenient mobile access

series60.com team has recently published a new version of Series60.com for people on the go. The Mobile Series60.com is an XHTML site, optimized especially for Series 60 devices. This great enhancement of Series60.com offers mobile users instant and convenient access to the latest Series 60 news as well as to product and device information.

The content on Mobile Series60.com is on great extent similar to series60.com web site. However, the mobile site has been created to serve those people that want to get quick sneaks and fresh information about Series 60 Platform, Series 60 devices and the Series 60 Community. For this reason, the site is concentrating more on providing news than detailed technical information. You can find the following content sections on Mobile Series60.com: News, Devices, Applications, Events and Series 60 in Short.

This mobile site is truly a place where you can be sure to get the latest news around the Series 60 Platform. Keep yourself tuned-in and bookmark this URL to your phone’s browser! https://series60.com or https://series60.com/mobile

When visiting the site check out the Applications section and download a new theme for your Series 60 phone – free of charge!
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