Adobe GoLive CS
Adobe GoLive provides a seamless, intuitive approach to authoring content for mobile devices. With GoLive CS, developers use the same tools and approaches that they do for other sites, and if they're already familiar with the program they'll be able to quickly learn mobile authoring techniques. GoLive CS contains a complete development environment for creating mobile content in WML, XHTML, or CHTML. Adobe GoLive also supports SMIL authoring for creating MMS messages.
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Adobe GoLive CS
Trial, $399 US

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Nokia Developer's Suite for MMS
To build and test MMS content for Nokia devices, developers will also need the Nokia Developer's Suite for MMS. The Nokia Developer's Suite for MMS offers a full-fledged authoring environment for Content Creation professionals. It is a downloadable extension set that is plugged into Adobe GoLive CS. The end-to-end solution provides the means to create a SMIL presentation, encapsulate it to the correct MMS format, and deploy it to the terminal emulator that is included in the downloadable package. more >>
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