February 1, 2005
Application Of The Week — Realeyes3D w-Greetings

w-Greetings, by Realeyes3D, puts handwriting where it belongs: on personal, virtual mobile greeting cards! w-Greetings allows users of Series 60 camera phones to create unique wireless greeting cards in a couple of clicks by adding their own handwritten notes or drawings to original premium content.

Powered by the pioneer in handwritten messaging for camera phones, w-Greetings allows Series 60 device users to select from an array of premium greeting cards, complete the cards with their own, unique handwritten messages, and send the cards on any special occasion.

w-Greetings allows end users to create fun, instant, handwritten virtual greeting cards simply and intuitively. The user just chooses one of the four exclusive embedded cards, writes a greeting using a normal pen and any paper, takes a picture of the greeting, and sends it by MMS or e-mail. w-Greetings can also be customized with preloaded content owned and licensed by carriers and content providers.

The default language of w-Greetings is English, but French, Spanish, and Chinese are also available. w-Greetings is currently available for purchase from Handango or Preminet Solution for the following Series 60 devices: Nokia 3650, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6670, Nokia 7610, and Nokia 7650 imaging phones, and the Siemens SX1. The average end-user price of w-Greetings is $6.99.

About Realeyes3D S.A.

Realeyes3D designs, develops, and markets award-winning embedded applications and content services for users of mobile camera phones; the applications enable new usages in mobile messaging, games, and personal productivity. The Phone2Fun product portfolio enables camera phone manufacturers, mobile carriers, and mobile content specialists to increase their value proposition to camera phone users. For more information, visit www.realeyes3dcom.
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