October 19, 2004
T-Mobile and Nokia to create applications for the Series 60 Platform
Collaboration enables T-Mobile to differentiate as a provider of state-of-the-art mobile services

Espoo, Finland - October 19, 2004 - T-Mobile International and Nokia today announced an agreement to create applications for the Series 60 Platform. The collaboration is expected to reap benefits in 2004 and beyond, by introducing innovation in mobile phone software and the services to be offered to T-Mobile customers.

The collaboration enables T-Mobile to design exclusive, branded applications on top of Series 60 Platform, allowing them to differentiate as a provider of state-of-the-art mobile services and leverage the benefits of Series 60 Platform such as application portability.

The input from T-Mobile will also help Nokia to address the technology needs of operators in enriching the Series 60 Platform especially in the area of services differentiation. This will further strengthen the position of Series 60 Platform as a preferred platform amongst operators, licensees, and developers.

"For T-Mobile, this cooperation will provide faster time-to-market, lower costs, and minimal needs for redesign," says Kevin Cunnington, Executive Vice President, Portals & Portal Infrastructure from T-Mobile. "It is our target to always bring the most innovative services to our customers. Using best-of-breed software platforms such as Series 60 Platform supports this objective, allowing us to utilize our strength in creating unique applications."

Antti Vasara, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Nokia Technology Platforms, added: "Innovation is at the center of Nokia's business, and we are always looking for ways to develop our products. To achieve this target we support leading operators such as T-Mobile to bring new services on top of Series 60 Platform. It will be a privilege to work with T-Mobile, which has demonstrated great insight and devotion to excellence. The agreement with T-Mobile underlines the leading position of Series 60 Platform in the highly competitive smart phone software market."

The Series 60 Platform, running on the Symbian OS, is the world's leading smart phone platform. It is licensed by some of the foremost mobile phone manufacturers including Lenovo, LG Electronics, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Sendo, and Siemens. In June 2004, Nokia introduced two new Feature Packs for the Series 60 Platform that will provide future smart phones with rich features and functionalities for operators, enterprises and consumers in all major markets. These include multiradio support with GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WCDMA and CDMA, support for phone displays with higher resolutions and enhanced enterprise support. More information on Series 60 Platform is available at series60.com

About Nokia

Nokia is the world leader in mobile communications, driving the growth and sustainability of the broader mobility industry. Nokia is dedicated to enhancing people's lives and productivity by providing easy-to-use and innovative products like mobile phones, and solutions for imaging, games, media, mobile network operators and businesses. Nokia is a broadly held company with listings on five major exchanges.

About T-Mobile International

T-Mobile International is one of the world's leading companies in mobile communications. As one of Deutsche Telekom's four strategic divisions, T-Mobile concentrates on the most dynamic markets in Europe and the United States. June 30 2004, more than 65 million people were using the mobile communications services provided by its majority owned companies alone (T-Mobile Germany, T-Mobile USA, T-Mobile UK, T-Mobile Austria, T-Mobile Netherlands and T-Mobile Czech Republic). And almost 103 million mobile customers are served by subsidiaries and affiliates of the Deutsche Telekom Group. And all that over a common technology platform based on GSM, the world's most successful digital wireless standard. This also makes T-Mobile the only mobile communications provider with a seamless transatlantic service.

T-Mobile also is partner of FreeMove, an alliance formed by four of Europe's leading mobile companies - Orange, Telefónica Móviles, TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) and T-Mobile - to help their customers communicate as easily while traveling abroad as they do at home.

For more information about T-Mobile International, please visit www.t-mobile.net

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