Productivity of mobile work requires excellent usability
The trendsetting software platform in the smartphone market, the Series 60 Platform, built on Symbian OS, is an advanced open environment for mobile enterprise solutions. Series 60 has an intuitive and powerful UI that enables users to quickly and easily accomplish tasks on their smartphones. The Series 60 UI was awarded an iF Design Award in 2003 for its innovative and intuitive design in the Communication & Digital Media category.
Versatile communications capabilities
Mobile phones have already proven to be a valuable business tool for better customer service and improved communication with colleagues and partners. New smartphones are now combining both mobile phone, messaging and mobile data access in one convenient device, further improving the productivity of out-of-the-office work of busy professionals and field workers. Advanced new services, such as presence enhanced contacts, enable employees to view the availability status of their colleagues.
Enabling Application Mobility
Mobile email, personal information management and intranet access are the applications that many enterprises mobilize first, because of the quick productivity benefits to a wide user base. Vertical applications for field sales and field service, and extensions to core business applications are also being deployed to mobile devices. Interoperability with the existing IT systems enables that employees have access to the office information all the time.
There is wide variety of enterprise applications implemented on Series60 Platform such as:
  • Oracle Collaboration Suite. Use your phone to access the corporate collaboration tools you can't do without, including email, file systems, calendar, tasks and directories.
  • Visto Mobile Access Platform. Uses IP push to deliver up-to-date email, contacts and calendar to Series 60 smartphones. VMAP is secure, easy to install, easy to administer and simple to use.
  • Smartner Duality Push Professional. Delivers email automatically from leading enterprise groupware systems to Series 60 smartphones.
  • iGo Quickoffice Premier. Lets you view and edit PC office documents directly on Series 60 smartphones.
  • Gate 5, Series 60 City Navigator for Enterprises. Use your Series 60 smartphone to find your destination with interactive guides, maps, route planner and location messaging.
  • Jamanda Mobile Security Suite. Lets you secure your business data and avoid spam on Series 60 smartphones.
  • MDSI Mobile Workforce Management. see how to streamline processes by connecting mobile workers to back-office business systems.
Please see some additional enterprise applications in Series60 Platform Business Applications Catalogue.
Mobile Platform for Professional Users
For IT management, deploying systems on a smartphone platform is an investment in today's and tomorrow's IT solutions. Only a software platform that has been designed from ground up for mobile devices, such as the Series 60 Platform, is fit for enterprise use:
  • Meets the technical requirements for mobility, such as broad mobile network support, security, device management, phone and application integration
  • Allows enterprises to choose different types of devices in optimum price and functionality segments, while the platform preserves software compatibility across devices. Siemens SX1, Sendo X and Nokia 6600 are examples of professional smartphone devices.
  • Ensures a large, competitive commercial ecosystem that produces innovative software and hardware products for enterprise solutions.
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