The Series 60 Platform brings open standards and multi-vendor support to the smartphone market. Built on the widely-licensed Symbian operating system, the Series 60 Platform delivers a rich set of Java APIs, C++ programmability, browsing, and multimedia messaging environments to developers creating mobile games, secure enterprise applications, and rich content services.
The Series 60 Developer Platform gives developers the ability to reach high-volume consumer and enterprise markets. The holistic nature of the Series 60 Developer Platform allows developers to keep pace with emerging technologies and industry best practices as competitive market forces dictate.
The standardization inherent in the Series 60 Developer Platform enables service and application interoperability. Common APIs and industry standard technologies allow mobile applications and services to operate seamlessly, and the flexibility of the Series 60 Developer Platform allows device manufacturers and developers the freedom to innovate and design excellent smartphones.
This next generation version is packed with features that let developers reach new markets.
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New Series 60 based multimedia devices launched by Nokia. To find out the details go to
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