Series 60 is a feature rich software platform for smartphones with advanced data capabilities. As well as a ready-made user interface that can be adapted to suit different needs, and a rich set of applications, the platform also has common user interface components and development tools for implementing new applications. Optimized for the Symbian OS and available to be licensed by external OEMs, the Series 60 Platform is a source code product that manufacturers can port and integrate into their own hardware designs.
There are currently two main versions of Series 60 Platform, 2nd Edition and 3rd Edition.
Series 60 Platform 2nd Edition
Series 60 Platform 2 nd Edition was initially made available in 2003 and was first implemented in the Nokia 6600 device. It has been extended since with three Feature Packs bringing new exciting functionality without compromising the platform compatibility. With these new Feature Packs, Series 60 Platform 2 nd Edition provides smart phones with stunningly rich features and functionalities for operators, enterprises, developers and consumers in all major markets.
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Series 60 Platform 3rd Edition
The latest edition of Series 60 Platform supports all the features and functions of the 2 nd Edition and even more - especially in the enterprise and multimedia areas. In addition, the Series 60 Platform 3 rd Edition introduces a new level of flexibility and security into the platform, enabling manufacturers more easily to create devices targeted to mass markets. By this, Series 60 Platform provides an open, secure and scalable business opportunity to mobile operators and 3rd party developers.
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