What is the Series 60 Platform?
The Series 60 Platform is the software platform that runs the Series 60 device. These devices are called also as smartphones. The Series 60 Platform consists of a user interface for the user to navigate and interact with the device's data and software, and some programs (Series 60 applications) that provide advanced functions for the phone, for example messaging and calendar. Series 60 Platform runs on top of an open operating system (Symbian OS). In addition to existing applications user can install other pleasing applications.
What can I do with a Series 60 Platform device?
First, it is a mobile phone that has all the features in a regular GSM, WCDMA or CDMA phone. Second, and most importantly, it is a device with software applications that allow you to manage your personal information, install and use new software applications or content, and to create personal content, such as photos.
How does the Series 60 Platform benefit corporate users and consumers?
For consumers Series 60 Platform offers exciting and efficient applications and services that are easy to use and provide more fun, e.g.:
  • Intuitive and easy user interface. User can change menus, folders and create short cuts to applications and content
  • Extendable and compatible with thousands of add-on applications and content
  • Easy access to Internet, entertainment, email and PC data
  • Personalize with themes, wallpapers, screensavers, bookmarks, ringing tones and more
  • Rich application suite for voice, messaging, business productivity, imaging, music and multimedia
For corporates, the Series 60 Platform provides productivity increase through features such as:
Built-in email, calendar, messaging and browsing
  • Business and personal e-mail accounts in the same device
  • Local and Over-the-Air synchronization of calendar and contacts with popular PC applications
Security & Terminal management
  • Application installation control
  • Third party VPN and Anti-Virus software available
Interfaces that an enterprise developer needs
  • APIs for networking, messaging and email
  • Efficient and flexible file system for storing local data in the device
How does the Series 60 Platform facilitate interoperability between terminals?
The Series 60 Platform embraces the philosophy of openness. Built on the Symbian OS, put together by multiple mobility expert companies, and then licensed as source code to several eminent mobile phone manufacturers, the Series 60 Platform also implements open specifications for service enablers developed by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA).
Mobile devices from different manufacturers that implement interoperable OMA enabler releases (sets of specifications) and that have undergone OMA interoperability testing help mobile services to work across different platforms, networks and geographies. The latest version of the Series 60 Platform implements OMA Digital Rights Management, OMA Instant Messaging and Presence Services, OMA Download, OMA Client Provisioning, OMA User Agent Profile, OMA Multimedia Messaging, and OMA Data Synchronization.
What does the Series 60 Platform include in general?

Intuitive User Interface
  • High quality, large high-resolution color screens
  • One-hand operation support - two soft keys and 5-way navigation system
  • Rich UI personalization via Themes
  • Extensively tested user interface: users will be able to easily accomplish their tasks without manuals – including advanced features such as easy switching between open applications and copy-paste of information between applications
  • Short Messaging Service (SMS)
  • Email, with support for multiple mailboxes (e.g. personal and corporate)
  • Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
  • Instant Messaging
Java and Symbian OS applications
  • Download, install and run 3rd party add-on applications. Already thousands of applications available.
  • Java Mobile APIs
  • XHTML/HTML/WAP Multimode Browser
  • Java Script
  • Content download
  • Digital Rights Management
  • RealOne Player
  • Camera/Camcoder application
  • Media Gallery
  • Make and receive calls
  • Video Telephony support (for WCDMA)
  • Easy to use call log
Personal Information Management
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • To-do list
  • Synchronization of contacts and calendar
  • MultiMediaCard (MMC) support
Where do I find software and content, such as images and ringtones? How do I put software on my phone?
A Series 60 Platform phone allows you to add content to it through many different routes. You can download content with your browser, have it sent via MMS, or transfer it from you PC via InfraRed or Bluetooth. There are many places you can find content, such as your operator portal, and on the Web. Here are some good websites to try and buy software, and also learn about Symbian OS: All About Symbian, My Symbian , Handango and SymbianOne .
How do I personalize my phone?
There are many ways to personalize your Series 60 phone, for example you can add a background image to the main screen, change ringtones, set up messaging groups, have specific ringtones for calling groups or individuals, add photos to contacts so that they show up when receiving a call, download new content and software, change the UI theme, and rearrange and rename many of the icons in the main menu.
What devices use the Series 60 Platform?
Please visit our devices page to get the most up to date list of announced and available Series 60 Platform phones.
How do Series 60 Platform phones compare to other phones?
The Series 60 Platform devices are very advanced phones in that users can download software applications, browse the mobile Internet in color, and manage communications such as text messaging, multi-media messaging, and voice calls. Other phones may have similar individual features, but not as completely as with Series 60. Also, a Series 60 Platform phone offers a larger screen for better information display, a richer mode of interaction via an easy to use interface, multi-tasking to facilitate the use of more than one program at a time, access to more on-phone storage space, and more capable software programs.
What are Series 60 Platform Editions?
Series 60 Platform release versions are named as Editions. Editions include all the main features of the release. The latest Series 60 release is Series 60 Platform 3rd Edition. Series 60 Platform 3rd Edition includes all the main features of the Series 60 Platform 2nd Edition plus some new features.
What are Feature Packs?
Feature Packs include some additional features on top of the Edition. Feature Packs may also include device specific features. For Instance, Series 60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 2 introduces WCDMA technology into the Series 60 devices.
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