November 2, 2004
Evolution of Series 60 Platform
Series 60 Platform will extend to both volume mid-range and high-end categories, becoming a truly scalable and feature-rich platform. Series 60 will support all input methods - ITU (one-hand), QWERTY, pen input/touch screen and the industry-best selection of screen sizes with high resolution displays. In the future, Series 60 will be available in a wide portfolio of mobile devices, encompassing multiple categories, price points and user segments with state-of-the-art components and designs. The capability of supporting both volume and high-end products makes Series 60 truly a unique and very appealing terminal software in the industry. Scalability of Series 60 for multiple device categories will result in maximal number of available applications, maximal interoperability and compliancy.

In the future, Series 60 will support single and dual processing architectures, covering all relevant user interface (UI) sizes and form factors and a variety of high-resolution displays in different sizes. Series 60 will support the following screen resolutions: 176x208, 240x320 (QVGA), 352x416 and 640x320. Series 60 will support media consumption, state-of-the-art browsing, and an impressive gaming experience. This allows creation of uncompromised high-end products. The new features of Series 60 Platform will become available gradually.

As a result, the extended scope of Series 60 - the mid-range and high-end devices, scalability and advanced technical development - will bring economies-of-scale, which will mean larger device volumes and cost-savings for operators, developers and service providers.
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