December 16, 2004
Silkroadtaiwan (SRT) joins Series 60 Product Creation Communityas a Competence Center to capture the smartphone market opportunities in Asia
SRT intends to take opportunity of the fast growing Asia Pacific smart phone market to provide innovative solutions on smart phone and mobile applications. SRT today announced an agreement with Nokia whereby SRT joins Series 60 Product Creation Community as a Competence Center. Series 60 Competence Centers provide best integrated smartphone solution based on Series 60 Platform.

The Series 60 Platform, built on the Symbian OS, is the leading smartphone platform that Nokia licenses to mobile handset vendors. The large colour screen, easy to use interface and extensive suite of applications make this software ideally suited to support mobile services, such as rich content downloading and Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS). Currently, Series 60 licensees include Nokia, Samsung, Panasonic, Lenovo, LG, Siemens and Sendo. Nokia alone has shipped more than 15 million Series 60 based devices. (by the end of October 2004)

The Chairman of SRT, Mr. S.C. Ho, said: ’smartphone will become the standard personal mobile device following the coming of 3G era. Life will become more convenient and colorful through effective convergence of communications and information. Corporates can also increase their efficiencies and profits through mobile commerce. According to XYZ, it is estimated there will be 35 million smartphones in 2005 and more than 60% will be powered by Series 60 Platform. As a Series 60 Competence Center, we are extremely excited to work with Nokia and Series 60 licensees in deploying high quality and comprehensive smartphone solutions to meet the market needs ’

Mr. Antti Vasara, vice president, technology sales and marketing, Nokia said: “Series 60 Competence Centers, such as SRT, help licensees with more innovation, reduced costs and accelerate the product creation cycle. SRT has already a proven track –record with Series 60 and Symbian OS and we look forward to their further contribution to the smart phone development.”

SRT will cooperate with operators, application developers and smartphone manufacturers to create smartphone solutions enabling a personalized and enjoyable user experience. The Series 60 Platform brings open standards and multi-vendor support to the smartphone market, stimulating volumes and innovation in application development. Corporate users and consumers can benefit from the increasing amount of applications available to them.

SRT built in 1999. SRT has endorsed to provide innovative business models and friendly user experiences. SRT keeps collaborate with international technology intelligent and maintain close relationships with industries in Asia market. SRT is capable of dedicating whole engineering teams to Series 60 projects and are an ideal choice when licensees require more extensive collaboration. It is believed that the linkage to international standards and development experiences will force the best of smartphone time to Asia market.
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