February 13, 2005
Innovative mobile solutions from China, United States, Germany, Sweden and Italy win Series 60 Challenge 2005 Awards
February 13, 2005, Nice, France – The Series 60 Challenge 2005 Awards have been granted to China Mobile Communications Corporation, Mobile Digital Media, Scalado, bit-side, and KeyTechnology for their innovative Series 60 applications and services. The awards were handed out at an exclusive gala at the Hotel Negresco in Nice on February 12.

The Series 60 Challenge, sponsored by Nokia, Sendo, Siemens and Symbian, was launched on November 1, 2004, to identify top-notch Series 60 innovations. The primary objective of the competition was to further encourage development of Series 60 applications and to identify other innovations that support Series 60. The Series 60 Challenge generated close to 140 registrations from all over the world in just one month.

Series 60 Platform has noticeably inspired the developer community including mega operators to create different types of compelling and easy-to-use applications. Among the entries to the Challenge there were many very creative solutions using the camera feature of the phone, a couple of them also among the winners.

"We were extremely pleased with the interest the Challenge received and it was a pleasure to see so many compelling and innovative Series 60 applications from more than 30 countries around the world. We received the most entries in the enterprise application category, indicating that the scalability and security features of the Series 60 Platform match well the needs of business applications. The level of entries was very high, and it was a very tough job for the jury to choose the winners,” said Mauri Metsäranta, Director, Software Platforms Marketing, Nokia, who was the chairman of the Series 60 Challenge jury.

The jury of the Challenge, consisting of representatives from Nokia, Sendo, Siemens and Symbian, evaluated the entries based on their innovativeness, quality, and benefits. The award categories and winners are:
  • Best operator service - Map@Handset from China Mobile Communications Corporation, China: Map@Handset is a location-based service that uses a pre-installed electronic map client with which users can search business and location information. In this localized operator-offered service, users can define their own interest points and send the interest points' map information through MMS to their colleagues and friends. The features of the service are very well designed, including both cell identification and GPS, landmarks, and eagle eye features.
  • Best enterprise application - Quick Office Premier from Mobile Digital Media, United States: Quick Office Premier is the first mobile office suite to allow people to open, read, create, edit and save Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly on a Series 60–based device. While on the go, users can receive the MS files on their mobile via Bluetooth connection with compatible PC or handheld device, infrared beaming, SD/MMC memory card or via email attachment. Quick Office Premier is a very good, robust product and unique in the sense that everything is packaged in one package.
  • Best media/music application - PhotoTwister from Scalado, Sweden: PhotoTwister creates twisted warp photos in a flash. PhotoTwister enables users to capture, save and send images that have been distorted by different warp or paint effects. PhotoTwister provides a new innovative way to warp photos in real time - before capturing. The graphics and icons of the application are very clear and snappy.
  • Best gaming application - Marble Revolution from bit-side, Germany: Marble Revolution brings the idea of a real tabelet game with a labyrinth back to a mobile phone using camera tracking. This great game makes good use of the phone's existing features, including an innovative and brilliant way to use the camera functionality in the Series 60-based device.
  • Special prize - Mobile Cinema Booking from KeyTechnology, Italy: Mobile Cinema Booking is a client-server application that allows the user to book cinema tickets using a Series 60-based device. The application is customized for a multiplex cinema. Via a clear user interface, it enables e.g. searching movie information and choosing seats. The user receives an alphanumeric or barcode booking code to get the printed tickets at the theater.
Series 60 Platform, built on Symbian OS, is the world’s leading smartphone platform, with millions of devices in the market ready for the deployment of quality mobile applications. It is licensed by some of the foremost mobile phones manufacturers including Lenovo, LG Electronics, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Sendo and Siemens. The flexibility of Series 60 Platform allows for various hardware designs and software configurations. This is demonstrated through the multitude of Series 60-based phones available already on the market. Through its award-winning user interface, extensive support for new mobile services and the innovation potential for partner solutions, Series 60 Platform provides an open and scalable business opportunity to mobile operators and 3rd party developers.

More information on Series 60 is available at series60.com that provides up-to-date and unique information about Series 60 Platform, devices and community, including the latest news. The site is now also available in XHTML format for convenient mobile access.

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