February 14, 2005
Nokia 6681 imaging smartphone delivers a blend of productivity and entertainment
Targeted at EDGE markets, the device offers enhanced mobile data experience on top of a compelling feature set

Cannes, France - At the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes, France, Nokia today introduced the Nokia 6681 imaging smartphone, an elegant and versatile productivity and entertainment tool featuring an organizer, a 1.3 megapixel camera, a full Internet browser, a music player and easy printing with the Nokia XpressPrint solution. The tri-band phone for GSM 900/1800/1900 and EDGE markets provides an enhanced mobile user experience. The Nokia 6681 imaging smartphone is expected to be available in April 2005 with an estimated, unsubsidized sales price of approximately 450 euros.

"The Nokia 6681 underlines our commitment to create easy-to-use yet feature-rich products," said Juha Putkiranta, Senior Vice President, Multimedia Imaging, Nokia. "There is an instinctive familiarity to operating the Nokia 6681 imaging smartphone and its logical functionality features. Featuring chrome keys and stainless steel decoration, it is attractively styled and well-proportioned, providing for advanced imaging with an integrated flash. Capturing images has never been quicker and easier - just slide and shoot."

A variant of the 3G-optimized Nokia 6680 imaging smartphone, also introduced today, the Nokia 6681 is targeted at users in both GSM and EDGE (Enhanced Data Rate for GSM Evolution) markets. In addition to numerous productivity features, such as e-mail, organizer and easy synchronization with compatible PCs, the Nokia 6681 imaging smartphone also offers convenient web browsing and high quality video streaming over EDGE, with data connectivity of up to 236.8 kilobytes per second. Furthermore, similar in functionality but a variant designed for the Americas markets, the Nokia 6682 imaging smartphone is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2005.

Imaging is made easy and convenient with the Nokia 6681 imaging smartphone's slide, which instantly activates the camera application once opened. In addition to new features, such as the ability to adjust white balance or select from various color tones, including black & white and sepia, the LED flash allows improved image capture of close-by objects in low or poor light conditions. Moreover, the Nokia 6681 imaging smartphone offers easy editing of images and video clips either directly on the phone or using the Adobe® Photoshop® Album software provided in the sales package. Printing has also been simplified with the Nokia XpressPrint printing solution, which enables connection to a wide range of compatible printers and photo kiosks.

Featuring an integrated music player and stereo audio output, the Nokia 6681 imaging smartphone incorporates a new music player application. A dedicated music icon launches the music player, and the new application provides for easy creation and management of playlists. In addition, when playing music, the user can directly change tracks, pause, and change the volume using the 5-way directional pad. Music collections can also be easily accessed through the options or back soft keys, and music files can conveniently be transferred via the Nokia PC Suite, or by using the MMC card reader (available in the sales package in selected markets). The Nokia 6681 also supports the mobile music solution for operators launched by Nokia and Loudeye earlier today.

With the integrated Push to talk* functionality, Nokia 6681 imaging smartphone users can use the handset like a walkie-talkie at the push of a single dedicated button. Additionally, some mobile games, such as Snake, Card Deck and a new 3D snowboarding game, will be supplied on the Nokia 6681 imaging smartphone's MMC card. The user experience is also further enhanced by the phone's display of up to 262,144 colors.

The Nokia 6681 imaging smartphone is based on Symbian OS and the leading smartphone Series 60 Platform. Measuring 108.4 x 55.2 x 20.5 mm, the Nokia 6681 imaging smartphone weighs 131 grams.

*To check the availability and cost of the service, contact your network operator or service provider.

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