February 14, 2005
TapRoot Systems announces availability of its latest Symbian OS telephony software with support for WCDMA smartphones
New software supports WCDMA and the Series 60 Platform telephony adaptation architecture.

CANNES, FRANCE (February 14, 2005) -- TapRoot Systems Inc., a leading provider of embedded software solutions for smartphones, today announced the availability of its latest version of CommPTM Telephony, TapRoot’s telephony software for Symbian OS and Series 60 licensees. The new product is compatible with Symbian version 8.x and implements Series 60 2nd Edition Feature Pack 3 Licensee Telephony adaptation architecture.

TapRoot has worked closely with Symbian Ltd. for over four years in the development of its telephony software and today provides telephony technology into the OS platform as part of Symbian’s TRP reference software. TapRoot also provides the world’s only “Symbian Approved” telephony software through the Symbian Companion Technology Program.

In addition to the close relationship with Symbian, TapRoot is also a Series 60 Wireless Technology Provider and part of the Series 60 Product Creation Community. TapRoot offers several Series 60 products including telephony and networking components.

This latest release is a major update to previous CDMA & GSM/GPRS telephony products from TapRoot. It incorporates support for WCDMA APIs and uses the Series 60 LTSY/ISC architecture as the basis for the design. “TapRoot has a history with WCDMA smartphones which extends over the past three years. We were deeply involved in the development of the world’s first WCDMA Symbian smartphone, which was announced in 2002. Since that time we have provided our software solutions to several WCDMA smartphone designs,” stated Hugh Thomas, TapRoot’s CEO.

In addition to working directly on handsets, TapRoot’s telephony products have been developed to support the world’s leading WCDMA baseband chipsets. “We believe we have the widest experience of any software company in the world with Symbian OS based WCDMA technology”, continued Thomas.

About TapRoot Systems Inc.
TapRoot Systems Inc. is a premier provider of embedded software components for smartphone manufacturers and wireless operators worldwide. The company specializes in developing off-the-shelf software products that support a suite of communications protocols for Symbian OS and other smartphone operating systems. The products developed by TapRoot Systems enable smartphones to communicate over today’s cellular and local area networks. The company’s product portfolio includes interoperability testing that assists handset manufacturers, semi-conductor vendors and wireless operators with accelerating product deployment.

TapRoot Systems Inc. is a Symbian Platinum Partner, Symbian Companion Technology Provider and a Series 60 Platform Wireless Technology Provider. TapRoot Systems is a privately held, venture-funded corporation headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC, USA with development facilities in London, UK. For more information please visit www.taprootsystems.com or email .

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