Nokia 6680

Talk face to face, across town and around the world. The Nokia 6680 imaging smartphone works in WCDMA and EDGE networks, providing you with web browsing and video streaming at broadband speed. And it comes with two cameras, enabling you to take part in two-way video calls.

The Nokia 6680 imaging smartphone. There are two ways of looking at it.

Feature Overview
  • Two integrated cameras: 1.3 megapixel (effective resolution 1.23 megapixel, 1280 x 960 pixels) and VGA
  • High-speed connections with 3G and EDGE
  • Two-way video call capability for face-to-face communication
  • Video sharing capability
  • Nokia XpressPrint printing solution including PictBridge direct printing
  • Music player with stereo audio
Read more about the Nokia 6680 imaging smartphone at www.nokia.com

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