Nokia 6260

The Nokia 6260 phone is flexible in form and function. It offers mobile professionals the latest mobile technology features and applications, including push to talk, email, document and presentation viewer, Bluetooth connectivity and a VGA camera, in an innovative fold design. Open the phone to talk. Twist the display to shoot a picture. Fold it flat with the display face up to browse the Internet or access the applications. Close to carry with you. This phone follows function.

Feature Overview
  • Tri-band operation
  • E-mail and VPN client
  • Quickword and Quickpoint viewers
  • VGA camera with digital zoom
  • Video recorder
  • 65,536 color display
  • Web browser
  • Bluetooth Wireless technology
  • Multimedia card
  • Push to talk with side key
Read more about the Nokia 6260 at www.nokia.com

See the detailed device specifications>>

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