Nokia 3600

Nokia 3600 dual-band imaging phone is available for the Americas market. Nokia 3600 phone is a complete tool for capturing and sharing experiences. Take pictures or video with the built-in camera and then share them with your friends or family using multimedia messaging technology. Play video clips and movie trailers with streaming or local playback using Real One Player. Tailor the functionality of your Nokia 3600 phone by downloading Symbian and JavaTM applications. You can truly personalize your Nokia 3600 phone with images, colorful changeable covers, and polyphonic ringing tones.

Feature Overview
  • Video capture and playback
  • Still imaging
  • Multimedia messaging
  • JavaTM MIDP 1.0
  • Bluetooth
  • Large color display
  • Tri-band world phone
  • Polyphonic ringing tones
Read more about the Nokia 3600 at www.nokiausa.com

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