Jun 27, 2005

Nokia Announces Next Generation Java Platform For Series 60, Provides Foundation For Improved Application And Device Management
Sep 26, 2005 - Sep 30, 2005

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These terminal manufacturers are involved in Series 60 Community
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The Series 60 Platform, built on the Symbian OS, is currently the leading smartphone platform in the world. It is licensed by some of the foremost mobile phone manufacturers in the world including LG Electronics, Lenovo, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Sendo and Siemens. The large color screen size, easy to use interface and suite of applications make this software ideally suited to support new mobile services, such as rich content downloading and MMS. Series 60 devices are selling in millions.

Take a look at some great examples of the most innovative and successful applications designed for Series 60 devices. The section also highlights developer success cases. Read more>>
Technical info
Series 60 Platform is a feature rich software product for smartphones, including a ready-made user interface that can be customized to suit different needs, and a rich set of applications. Find out more>>
Check out the new Series 60 based multimedia devices launched by Nokia!
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New generation of the world’s leading smartphone software platform - with new features.
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Pocket Portal is an application enabling content owners to put branded content on mobile phones.
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