The New improved Series 60 Platform
The new Series 60 Platform 3rd Edition adds a host of fresh features while retaining all those from the 2nd edition. For enterprise users, Series 60 Platform 3rd Edition adds support for e-mail notification, Outlook meeting requests and it has a built-in Adobe PDF viewer. Other documents and content can be viewed with add-on viewers.
The Series 60 Platform 3rd Edition offers improved multimedia facilities. These include a new music player with support for different content encodings. Also featured is OMA DRM 2.0 for music content. This improves the security of protected content, as well as allowing it to be used in all registered devices.
Series 60 Platform 3rd Edition’s new application architecture reduces the threat of malicious content, while maintaining the developer opportunities already offered by the platform. Improved hardware flexibility enables more cost optimized devices to meet the needs of various users. Series 60 Platform licensees can now create devices to suit different users’ needs, from the high-end to the mid-range of smartphones.
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Series 60 Platform 3rd Edition Overview
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