Borland C++ Mobile Edition for Series 60..
The Borland C++ Mobile Edition for Series 60, Nokia Edition enables C++ application development for Series 60 Nokia devices. This toolkit includes a restricted version of Borland C++Builder 6 Personal edition, which is optimised for rapid development of native applications for the Series 60 Platform. The kit also includes the Series 60 SDK 0.9 for Symbian OS, Nokia Edition, a Perl environment, Java™ 2 Runtime Environment (JRE), and the C++ Mobile edition plug-in from Borland. The SDK includes a Series 60 device emulator, together with Nokia and example sources.

The C++ Mobile Edition plug-in for the C++Builder IDE provides direct and seamless access to the external SDK building tools via the project building process or single explicit calls from the menu. It also provides additional information and help files that are available directly from inside the IDE environment. This tool supports the full development cycle, including source- code editing with a comfortable C++ aware code editor, the compiling and building process, local debugging, and direct deployment to an actual device through Nokia PC Connectivity Suite. Existing Series 60 SDK projects can be imported easily; for new applications, the mobile Project wizard automatically generates a working code framework that can be used as the basis for any native applications for the Series 60 Platform.

To install the package, please use Winzip or any other unpacker. Do not use the Windows XP Explorer unzip function. For more information about Borland, visit Borland's Web site http://www.borland.com
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