The intention of the Mobile Developer Training program is to provide mobile developer communites worldwide a hands-on learning opportunities with the latest tools, technologies, and devices. The training approach is modular, allowing developers to target their training on new and existing technologies in the mobile application environment, as well as the basics. The instructor-led classes provide all levels of developers with technical information and know-how, hands-on experience and technical support for creating mobile solutions and applications for Nokia devices. Attendees receive SDKs, comprehensive work materials, and companion CDs with all the elements necessary to create their own mobile applications.
Learning path shows where to start in mobile development, starting from the introduction class in C++ to the essential training in Symbian Series 60 C++.
Schedule and Training Centers
Nokia Certified Training Centers offers Symbian Series 60 C++ classes around the world, making leading-edge mobile development know-how more accessible. They can even bring the training program to your team onsite. If you do not see a listing for a particular class, the latest training center information may not have been uploaded. Please contact the training provider closest to you for more details. See the listing of classes>>>
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