The ecosystem supporting the Series 60 Platform has realized significant growth and success in a short amount of time. One of the primary beneficiaries of this rapid growth has been the mobile operator. Currently, more than 100 operators around the world are offering Series 60 based devices, allowing end users to choose from a compelling range of interoperable handsets from a variety of leading terminal manufacturers that are based on a common software platform and open operating system, the Symbian OS. As a result, several operators have chosen to publicly acknowledge the overwhelming success they have had in deploying mobile handsets based on the Series 60 Platform. The following companies listed below are few examples:
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AT & T Wireless
"Nokia Series 60 Platform equipped devices provide an open, consistent and innovative platform that allows developers to create and deploy enticing applications for our subscribers. AT&T Wireless looks forward to deploying future devices based on the Nokia Series 60 Platform." Ketan Kamdar, Vice President Device Development, AT&T Wireless Services.
High volumes
The Series 60 Platform provides terminal manufacturers with the core software to produce feature-rich, interoperable handsets for a wide variety of market segments and user categories.
Increased revenue
The Series 60 Platform is a comprehensive offering of an award-winning, intuitive user interface and a suite of advanced technology enablers that, when combined with the robust voice capability, allow operators to offer compelling mobile data services, such as MMS, browsing & content download, that help generate additional average revenue per user (ARPU). In addition, the Series 60 Platform supports multiple Packet Data Protocol (PDP) contexts, enabling users to access more than one network data service at the same time while allowing network operators to acquire multiple, simultaneous revenue streams from a single terminal.
Service Differentiation
The Series 60 Platform is an open software platform that allows operators to create unique services and applications, and to control the distribution and business model of these differentiated, value added offerings.

Some examples of differentiation and service capability through the Series 60 Platform are:
  • Downloadable User interface (UI) themes, offering enhanced personalization capabilities for end users as well as branding and revenue generating opportunities for mobile operators. An easy to use development tool for UI Themes is available for free download at the Forum Nokia website.
  • The Operator Menu application enables the creation of operator specific menu pages. The content and layout of the Operator Menu is completely defined by operators and the pages themselves can be stored online and/or locally on devices. Locally stored Operator Menu content can be easily updated over the air (OTA).
  • Operator branded ?soft key? on the idle screen of handsets based on the Series 60 Platform, which takes users directly to an operator's portal. In addition, the Series 60 Platform helps users to easily access operator services and find content with just a few clicks through embedded links in applications. Easy access stimulates more use of services and can help to generate more ARPU for operators.
  • The Series 60 Platform supports OMA Device Management, allowing for over the air (OTA) device provisioning.
Reduced cost
The Series 60 Platform empowers manufacturers to innovate and design phones with different designs, form factors and user interface styles, while maintaining interoperability and compatibility. Seamless interoperability and compatibility between devices is achieved through a common software platform and core OS, commitment to open standards, and extensive testing. The Series 60 Platform offering provides numerous cost savings opportunities for operators through areas such as device verification, service creation, device provisioning and management, customer care and training.
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