February 15, 2005
Application Of The Week: Fathammer’s Stuntcar Extreme

Drivers, please protect your sideburns! Driving with style, Stuntcar Extreme delivers a unique, fast-paced, stunt-racing experience with an early-1980s retro-funk flavor. Race against opponents, unlock new tracks and new stunt cars, and become the Stunt Champion!

This is the most extreme form of racing, and only the best of the best — or the craziest of the crazy — participate in the ruthless duels on the dangerous tracks. Advanced car physics, fearsome opponents, and insane jumps guarantee that the experience will be hair-raising.

Game features:
  • Quick Race and Championship game modes
  • Head-to-head wireless multiplayer mode
  • 20 different cars
  • Seven different stunt tracks
  • Screwball opponents and a tongue-in-cheek story
  • Funky musical tunes
  • Advanced racing physics
  • Fully 3 D game playing
  • Cross-platform multiplayer capability
Stuntcar Extreme is currently available for the following Series 60 devices: Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6670, Nokia 7610, Nokia N-Gage™ mobile game deck, Nokia N-Gage™ QD mobile game deck, Sendo X, and Siemens SX1. The average end-user price is $19.95.


Fathammer Ltd. is a pioneering leader in advanced mobile gaming. The company is a creator of high-quality games and a developer of industry-leading game-development technologies and tools. The company’s main products include a growing portfolio of critically acclaimed games and X-Forgeversion 2, the industry’s leading game-development toolkit for creating advanced mobile games. More information is available at www.fathammer.com.
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