Software developers, together with mobile operators and service providers, have successfully brought to the market hundreds of applications and even more content items for Series 60 devices. This is concrete evidence that the mobile application and content business has really started. See examples how developers have succeeded with Games, Entertainment, Personal Productivity and Business applications for Series 60 devices.
G-mode Rally recorded 100,000 downloads outside of Japan Dec'02-Nov'04; 20% of downloads were on Series 60 devices. Read more >>
Route 66
ROUTE 66 Mobile 2005 for Series 60 devices is the first onboard navigation solution for Symbian mobile device Read more >>
Scalado PhotoTwister application has an average of 10 000 downloads per month on Series 60 devices with a retail price of ~$9,95. Read more >>
Smartner Duality Enterprise Edition enables always-on e-mail connection. Read more >>
Cibenix Active Desk has been downloaded over 175 000 times since its launch in 2001 and over 55 % of the downloads have been on Series 60 devices. Read more >>
F.C. Barcelona uses Scanbuy's ScanZoom application to verify membership cards in stadium entrances.
Open Bit.
Open Bit Photographer has had 175 000+ downloads cumulative since Q1/2003, with License Manager and Super Distribution boosting sales. Read more >>
SlovoEd dictionaries are available for about 200 Symbian, Palm OS and Pocket PC devices. 25 000+ downloads on Nokia Series 60 devices Read more >>
Racing Fever Game from Sumea Ltd.
Game available through 110 channels in 50+ different countries. Cumulative over 700 000 downloads globally. Read more >>
Announced that Symbian OS is the best-selling platform for its principal applications, WorldMate and DateMate. 15,000 average downloads per month. Read more >>
Dalirium Games & Entertainment - Philippines
Personal Genie Suite of Applications launched in May 2003. Total downloads globally 135 000 since the launch. Read more >>
Cutting Edge Software Inc
iGo Quickword for reading MS Word documents and iGo Quickpoint PowerPoint presentation capabilities. Cumulative 18 000+ downloads globally. Read more >>
TibiaME game from CipSoft GmbH
Online role-game for Series 60 phone users. Around 30 000 downloads cumulatively until mid-Feb'04 in T-Mobile Germany, UK and Austria networks. Read more >>
BBC Journalist Using Series 60 Devices
BBC has given to 80 reporters Nokia 3650 devices that utilize enhanced 3rd party video capture software. 40 minutes of video can be captured and then sent on to BBC servers for play-out. Read more >>
Magus Soft
Chinese Magus Soft has 70+ game titles. Monthly downloads currently 55 000+ and going up. Read more >>

VIISAS Mobile Catalog enables consumers to pre-play mobile content before purchasing. Read more >>

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