The Series 60 Platform offers user interface personalization opportunities for end users as well as branding and revenue generating opportunities for mobile operators. UI themes are customized graphical user interfaces (GUI) that replace a handset’s default visual appearance.
Popularity of ringing tone downloads has already proven the market potential of end user personalization. Now end users can tailor the look and feel of their Series 60 Platform based devices by using the UI themes.
The Series 60 Platform UI themes provide a rich set of personalization elements and fulfill end user's desire to tailor the device as desired. UI themes can contain e.g. Application Shell Icons, Wallpapers and Color palettes. End users can manage the UI themes through Themes application where the themes can be previewed, activated, deleted and edited. Downloading of additional UI themes as native Symbian (SIS) files is also possible.
Themes can be installed on the latest Series 60 phones, such as: Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 7610, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6630 and Panasonic X700. To purchase and download UI themes for your Series 60 device, you can visit for example MangoThemes web site.
The Series 60 Theme Studio tool for developers is a complete tool for new UI themes creation. You can download the tool at the Forum Nokia web site.
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