Series 60 Contractors are skilled software development companies with a focused expertise in specific technology areas related to the Series 60 Platform. The Series 60 Contractor is normally a smaller software integrator able to undertake engineering work in a specific area of a Series 60 phone project. Series 60 Contractors are an ideal choice for licensees when the expertise of a skilled software development company is required, without the need to engage in a broader Series 60 Competence Center relationship. Contractors typically perform smaller-scale subcontracting work for Series 60 Licensees or other members in Series 60 Product Creation Community. Contractors can also provide value by fine-tuning a Series 60 phone project with a valuable mix of user interface design, features or applications.

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Atelier is a leading supplier of wireless software solutions for Symbian OS and offers mobile phone manufacturers design, development, integration and customization services for Symbian based phones. Atelier has deep expertise and a proven track record in the creation of mobile phones using the Series 60 Platform. Atelier offers Series 60 licensees expert telephony integration services and a portfolio of Series 60 telephony adaptation layers (TSY/CSY/DSY/NIF) available for major protocol stacks and chipsets. Atelier collaborates with leading semiconductor and cellular modem vendors to create complete reference designs that help handset manufacturers significantly reduce the time-to-market of Series 60 phones. For more information, please visit www.atelier.tm
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