Series 60 Contractors are skilled software development companies with a focused expertise in specific technology areas related to the Series 60 Platform. The Series 60 Contractor is normally a smaller software integrator able to undertake engineering work in a specific area of a Series 60 phone project. Series 60 Contractors are an ideal choice for licensees when the expertise of a skilled software development company is required, without the need to engage in a broader Series 60 Competence Center relationship. Contractors typically perform smaller-scale subcontracting work for Series 60 Licensees or other members in Series 60 Product Creation Community. Contractors can also provide value by fine-tuning a Series 60 phone project with a valuable mix of user interface design, features or applications.

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Kanrikogaku Kenkyusho Ltd. (K3) is an independent software developer with expertise in a wide range of computer software technologies, including development and licensing of IPR and software products, consulting, software research and development and software development on a contract basis. K3 is a Symbian Competence Center and Symbian Training Partner. K3's main Symbian OS activities are systems development, consulting and training support for Symbian OS licensees. K3 is also experienced in localization, application development and UI customisation for Symbian OS and Series 60 Platform. www.kthree.co.jp
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