Series 60 Platform 2 nd Edition
Series 60 Platform 2 nd Edition was initially made available in 2003 and was first implemented in Nokia 6600 terminal. It has been extended with three Feature Packs bringing new exciting functionality without compromising the platform compatibility. With these new Feature Packs, Series 60 Platform 2 nd Edition provides smart phones with stunningly rich features and functionalities for operators, enterprises, developers and consumers in all major markets.
User Interface
The Series 60 User Interface is most extensively researched and thoroughly developed graphical user interface. As part of the Series 60 Platform, it ensures that users have a consistent interface across all Series 60 Platform based devices from all terminal manufacturers. Designed to allow one-handed operation of advanced and consumer-friendly data services, the Series 60 User Interface operates with a color screen with support for a multitude of screen resolutions (176 x 208, 240 x 320 (QVGA) and 352 x 416). It includes support for a variety of different functions, including two softkeys, 5-way navigation, an application launching and swapping key, and Call creation and Call termination keys. The interface uses a standard 12-key number keypad including letters and also has Clear and Edit keys to make text input easy.
The Series 60 Platform provides an extensive set of rich applications and enablers. These include for example, advanced Telephony application, Unified Messaging Center (MMS, SMS, Email), OMA Instant Messaging and Presence applications, a full mobile Internet Browser (HTML 4.01, XHTML MP, & WAP CSS), 3GPP compliant streaming client (RealOne Player), Java MIDP 2.0 environment, Application Manager, OMA Digital Rights Management (forward lock), SyncML Data Synchronization and Device Management, OMA Client Provisioning, Media Gallery, Camcorder application, Image Viewer, Connection Manager with support for multiple PDP contexts, Mobile Wallet and a variety of Personal Information Management applications.
Network Support
Series 60 platform includes support for GSM/GPRS/EDGE, CDMA and dual-mode WCDMA-GSM configurations. Dual-mode WCDMA –GSM offers full support for operators’ 3G services and paves the way for video telephony and advanced streaming & browsing capabilities on mobile devices.
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Series 60 Platform Product Overview
Product Overview introduces the functionality of built-in applications in Series 60 Platform.
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Feature Pack 1
Series 60 Platform 2nd Edition Feature Pack 1: What's New - Lead Features And APIs v1.0
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Feature Pack 2
Series 60 Platform 2nd Edition Feature Pack 2: What's New - Lead Features And APIs
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Feature Pack 3
Introduction To The Series 60 Scalable UI v1.2
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